Nov 02, 2009 04:01pm ( Istanbul )

Today İ hopped a ferry from the European side of İstanbul to the Asian side. Of course, as soon as İ arrived the rain started up again but didn´t last long. The area is called Kadikoy and it´s the real deal - nothing changed for the tourists.

İ had an authentic meal for 6 YTL (Turkish lira - $4 US) in a sit-down restaurant with a waiter. Unfortunately, there was a language barrier so İ just pointed to an item on the menu and crossed my fingers. The dish was called patlıcan kebabı and İ just now discovered that patlican means eggplant in Tukish. Live and learn. İ do have to admit that it was the best eggplant İ´ve ever had.

The boat ride across the Bophorus was great. You can see all three sectıons of the city at the same time: the original city on the European side, the area to the north across the Halic river, and the Asian side. The ferry driver got a little to close to a freighter for my liking but İ guess he knew what he was doing.

The photo is looking from Eminonu (neighborhood near Sultanahmet where İ am staying) north across the Halic River. The Asian side of İstanbul is to the far right (out of sight).