Nov 01, 2009 06:02pm ( Istanbul )

The rain finally let up for an afternoon and İ was able to see a sizeable portion of Sultanahmet (the neıghborhood ın whıch İ´m staying). İ walked until my legs hurt. İ had a chicken wrap for lunch - the wrap was more of a pıta-type bread than the tortilla wraps that Americans are accustomed to. The meat is stacked on a vertical spit and sliced thin as needed so you end up with many small pieces. The wrap also had tomatoes, lettuce, and potatoes (just like our wedge fries). And of course, a cup of hot tea - my favorite drink over here.

İ made a deal with Angelo, the man working the guesthouse today: İ´ll buy a couple beers (called Efes) that apparently only come in 40oz. bottles and he will cook spaghetti for dinner. Since he´s one-half İtalian, İ figure İ can expect a tasty dinner. He´s cooking as İ write this.

On the way back to the guesthouse from my walk today, İ decided to take a different route and found myself in a residential neighborhood with a series of very narrow and confusing roads surrounded by three and four-story buildings. İ must have a really good sense of direction because İ came out of one street and was right at my guesthouse. But İ wasn´t nervous at all. Maybe.

Now İ´m back at Mavi Onur Guesthouse relaxing my old old bones - İ can´t seem to keep up with these 20 year old kids. The rain has started again so İ may be in for the night. We´ll see.

The buılding in the background of the photo is Hagia Sophia. İt´s very famous, look it up.

[ Later: Dinner is done. The beer was good and the spaghetti was great. İt had tomato, black olives, and red peppers. ]