Oct 31, 2009 10:08am ( Istanbul )

Now that İ´m a lıttle more coherent with sleep İ can explain things better. İ took the Metro from the airport and rode it for six stops where İ transfered to another train which İ rode the rest of the way to Sultanahmet (the neighborhood I am currently in). As soon as İ got off the train, İ immediately got lost. İ thought south was east and walked for fıve or six blocks in the wrong direction. İ blame a lack of sleep, the darkness of night, and the confusing İstanbul streets.

But İ did manage to find a great place to stay called Mavi Onur Guesthouse at 28 Aksakal Sk. The owner speaks English and is very friendly - and his wife can cook.

İ don´t have any big plans today because my head still feels a little off from the jet lag and because there is a steady rain. The temperature is a comfortable 13 degrees (55 degrees farenheit). Everything here is metric which takes some getting used to. Also, all prices are quoted in Turkish Lira or Euros - nothing in US dollars.

The accompanying photo is the street where İ am currently staying. İt´s a narrow street with all of the buildings right on top of each other. İ also have a great view from the rooftop terrace of the Marmara Sea which is to the south of İstanbul.

İt is time to brave the rain and venture out into the city.