Oct 22, 2009 06:26pm ( Ohio )

A few news-worthy events happened this week and one not-so-news-worthy. First, thanks to my wife, I learned that Turkey recognizes daylight savings time, but they change their clocks on the last Sunday in October which happens to be the 25th. Because of this, I have gone ahead and adjusted the time on this blog to reflect this.

The big news as some people would like to classify it, is that two weeks ago some suspected members of al-Qaida were arrested in Istanbul. I don't believe this makes it a dangerous place because there were people arrested in Toledo, Ohio recently for the same affiliation.

In unrelated news, a Sudanese man was arrested yesterday after he tried to hijack a plane from Istanbul to Egypt. Again, this is no cause for alarm. Most hijackings in that region are on planes bound for the Middle East, which I will not be on. Besides, he tried it with a plastic knife from his in-flight meal. Idiot! I think I would have subdued him myself if I had to endure that kind of stupidity.