Oct 15, 2009 03:50pm ( Ohio )

Two weeks to go and it's starting to feel real. Most pressing on my mind are the long plane rides I have in store. To save money, I will be flying out of Toledo Express Airport on my way to Detroit (long-term parking costs half that of Detroit). It's a 45 minute flight, after which I'll have a five-hour layover.

This may seem like a pain for most people, but I welcome the chance to rest before the next leg of the trip. While I have trouble sleeping in airports and on planes, I actually feel comfortable and relaxed sitting in airports.

From Detroit, I'll be heading to Paris on a seven and a half hour flight. With a one hour layover, I won't have time to leave the airport for some sight-seeing.

Finally, after a three and half hour hop, I'll land in Istanbul, Turkey with absolutely no plan. I am aware of a neighborhood frequented by backpackers, so I'll most likely head there to find my first hostel to get some much needed sleep. When I've had sufficient rest from the plane ride, I'll start my exploration of this strange and exotic city - and then beyond.