Stephen Chatelain

programmer, traveler, chicken farmer

Retro Look - For a limited time only / or not


A powerful operating system. Requires a little extra knowledge, but well worth it. Almost any distro will do.


It is simple yet powerful. Awesome on the server or from the command line. And it keeps getting better...

My Favs


Where have you been my whole life? Having the power to revert to old versions of code is liberating.

Sublime Text 3

A beautifully minimalistic text editor - it knows when to get out of the way and let me code.

Who Am I...

I am a rural web developer living in northwest Ohio and working remote, suffering with wireless internet at 4.0 Mbps. I think in code. And I find solace in the command line.

Programming has been in my blood since I touched my first TRS-80. If only I had a Commodore 64 to play with right now.

I am not a web designer; I am a web developer. Static sites (like this one) just aren't enjoyable to build. I thrive on building fully-immersive web applications.

While I can code in many languages, I prefer PHP for it's quick development time. I currently make my living in PHP & Postgres, but I will use whatever the situation calls for.

Currently, I am improving my knowledge of C/C++ for game development. That great idea for the next Dwarf Fortress or Minecraft could hit me at any time and I must be ready.

Learning never stops in this industry.

Web Applications

While web design is more popular for it's shiny facade, the real power is in web applications. Obviously, I say this because I'm a web developer/programmer and not a web designer. But also because I love a functional, dynamic website far better than static eye-candy.

Computer (PC) Games

My real programming passion lies in game development. Whether the target is the browser or the desktop, game development melds all aspects of programming from AI and physics to networking and graphics. Pure fun.